Who We Are

We are a Sydney based Telecommunication Service Provider, with over 30 years (industry experience) servicing the business market in Australia. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive product range of evolving communication needs of small to medium, enterprise and government customers.

Our people help organisations fulfil current business requirements to achieve the best possible solution by delivering industry leading recommendations.

We continued to be at the forefront of emerging technology, working collaboratively with vendor partners, channel partners and customers to provide the best possible services and solutions.

We have partnerships with the leading technology vendors in the voice, unified communications, video collaboration, contact centre and mobile application publishing markets, sustaining the highest levels of technical certification with all of our partners.

What we do

We are full service provider. We connect all forms of communications and we provide all the tools, connectivity and infrastructure for your business to stay connected.

Our consultants work with you to create solution that delivers productivity and savings. Our solutions are based on technology and service elements tailored to address customer and industry challenges. Our consultative approach to understanding customer needs, coupled with proven expertise across a broad range of networking technologies and our extensive experience with solving implementation problems, positions us uniquely to build the best solutions for your business. We’ll find the very best products to fit all your needs, and most importantly, your budget.

Our customers span from small to medium sized commercial and not for profit organizations, to State and government agencies. We also support and collaborate with Telecommunications Service Providers in planning and executing unified communications and contact center strategies for their customers.

We analyze industry-specific problems and requirements to find the best solutions you can rely on. We meet, review, examine and finally implement and set-up NEXTSTEP offers a range of products with all major networks that suits your service requirements and preferences:

  • Fixed Voice Services (Nationally and Internationally ISDN, PSTN and SIP)
  • Fixed Data Services (Nationally and Internationally and on WAN, VPN Business ADSL)
  • Mobile, Mobility and Mobile Management
  • Hosted and Non-Hosted Telephony
  • International Roaming Solutions
  • Running of Communication Tenders (Tender advise and assistance)

Do you want to reduce your phone bill? Switching from a traditional phone services to Next Generation Phone Services will reduce your phone bills. It doesn’t matter what size your business is, what kind of phones you have, if you have one phone or hundreds, we know what it takes to make your system more affordable and more reliable.

Our Mission

To provide quality communication solutions and services which meet our customers’ needs and expectations by innovating the latest in information communication technology. Delivering on time, budget and to the highest quality standards of our industry.

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Our Team

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Our History

3CX Customer Testimonials

“I just wanted to thank you for all you do for us here at InfoSys Consulting Inc. We have been selling VoIP phone systems for nearly 10 years, but since 2009, have sold more 3CX Phone Systems than all the other phone systems combined! For example, we deployed a 3CX Small Business Edition (8 simultaneous calls) Phone System yesterday, and another phone system today and have more installs lined up.A year ago VoIP sales accounted for about 2% of our business. Now VoIP sales are about 50% of our business. At this point, we really don’t sell anything other than 3CX. 3CX is truly a great product and it’s so easy to sell. While I am not a salesman, I find it really easy to sell, and I think everyone (including me) is surprised with how stable and saleable it is. 3CX costs far less than a phone system from Avaya or Cisco, which is pretty amazing given the enterprise features included for free with every 3CX system.One of the great advantages 3CX provides my business is that it is all software. This makes it possible for us to perform installs remotely which would be impossible with a traditional phone solution.”

Matthew Orr, President of InfoSys Consulting Inc.

I was attracted to the 3CX software because of its simplicity, because it runs on Windows and because it has web-based management. We have about 20 employees and I first tried hosted VOIP solutions.That was a huge mistake because managing call routing, etc. was limited and because calling from one office to the next takes huge bandwidth. Then I discovered 3CX which is Windows-based. I downloaded it and had the free download installed and operational within an hour. So I decided to go with the Enterprise version.Setting up the 3CX software enterprise version was a snap. Easy as pie. I can change any routing decisions, etc. with just a few clicks of the mouse from a web-page. I was thinking “What is the matter with this VOIP industry? Can’t they just make something straightforward and easy to use?” That is when I discovered 3CX and it has met my expectations.

Steve Hechtman, President of Inductive Automation / Calmetrics Company

“If you want to implement a well-featured cost-effective VoIP solution then 3CX should absolutely be on your consideration list. They’ve given us the potential to break down geographic barriers for workers in far-off offices, suppliers and customers across continents. It is seamless, always works and call quality is excellent. We experienced no downtime and the system has been up and running without any issues or need for intervention since it was installed. In the future, WebRTC links will be enabled and placed on our website and these links will enable calls and video meetings with a click. 3CX has enabled us to attain all our goals.”

Vjaceslav Arikanov, CTO at Prestigio

The Blake Group has been using 3CX Phone System since February of 2011. We are thrilled that our 3CX Partner, Clarity Technologies Group, LLC has proven to be a company of consummate IT professionals. They have built our bridges, established our call flow, and initiated our IVR’s. With 3CX and custom configurations by Clarity we are able to see each facility we have through live real-time presence. This facilitates better decision making by giving us accurate usage information through the easy to use reporting module. We couldn’t be happier with the 3CX Phone System Management Console and how simple 3CX is to manage.

David Birdsey Executive VP of Operations, The Blake Group