Think before you choose A VoIP Phone System

More than one-third of companies i.e almost 36% small, medium and large companies have already adopted hosted VoIP Phone Service in Australia. This number will increase as more and more no of companies become aware of advantages of VoIP Phone Service over traditional phone services and equipment. Hosted VoIP Phone Service is cost effective, offers more functionality, and infinitely scalable than on-premise PBXs. However, choosing a SIP Trunk Providers Company in Australia is a wise decision. Not all service providers offers best quality of service. One needs to be smart enough before investing the money. Keep in mind these 6 criteria:

Deployment with Ease

Leading hosted VoIP phone system solutions require very few equipment to be installed. You need only 3 devices for the same i.e. an IP phone, a voice gateway device, and a voice router. Always go with a hosted VoIP phone system solutions provider which allows you to either perform a self-installation process or professional help. When you choose the professional help, it includes a technical professional who does the actual installation and will be your account or project manager. This manager ensures that everything runs smoothly without any interruption.

Once the VoIP system is installed, it is easy to manage. Your provider offers a simple online portal and also provides you the basic training so that you yourself can add new extensions and can order new features as per your requirements.

Quality-of-Service (QoS)

Telephone network is actually the backbone of any organization and no one can deny the importance of it. You should ensure that your service providers are both reliable and secure. VoIP phone service in Australia like Next Step Telecom offers 24/7 technical support to ensure that you can services without any interruption. QoS means – Get the full support whenever you need, even in the midnight. Next Step Telecom ensures the security safeguards i.e. it prevents hacking and data are secured using encryption. Since VoIP phone system solutions solution is fully managed by the service provider, it simplifies your service response.

Hidden Charges

Hosted VoIP services are much more cost effective in compare to traditional phone services. Still, you should confirm this with your service provider not once or twice but thrice to make sure that there are no hidden charges in any forms. Always re read the proposal and documents before choosing a vendor.

Choose Vendors with solid proven record

Even though hosted VoIP has been around since the late 1990s, but there are many new service providers. Choose a service provider with a solid history of experience and a proven track record. You have solid reason to choose Next Step Telecom a Sydney based Telecommunication Service Provider

  • 400 VoIP products
  • 2500 dedicated servers
  • 9815 VoIP App Downloads
  • 1814 happy clients.

Validate the Vendor Has Disaster Recovery

Ensure that your VoIP service provider has a plan for disaster recovery in case of any kind of natural disaster such as flood, earthquake etc. Confirm with your service provider about the data backup and recovery plan.

Understand about Features

Make sure you understand what exactly features are being offered with your plan. The most popular features are call forwarding, auto attendant, Internet fax, call conferencing, and call recording. Every features has its own important with every as every business requirement is different. So, ensure  your VoIP Phone System Australia should address that. Your VoIP provider should fulfill your business requirements at affordable price.


VoIP Phone Service in Australia with Next Step Telecom saves your money. Ensures your VoIP providers gives you the reliability, control, and responsiveness you need and then you are all set.


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